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Modern Me GmbH takes distribution seriously. Thats why we excell in international markets. There are 3 different ways how to do business with us:

  1. Order our products as a Clinic / Doctor / Company
  2. Be our exclusive or non-exclusive distributor in your region
  3. Private Labeling of our products under your own brand
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Be our exclusive disttributor for products from MODERN ME GMBH. Exclusive means for us: You are the only company that is allowed to sell our products in your region.


Be our NON-exclusive disttributor for products from MODERN ME GMBH.NON-Exclusive means for us: In your region are some companies that are selling our branded products.


We help you to build facilities in your region so that you can partially manufacture our products in your country and pack them under your own branding in your own boxes.