Aligner system – the better alternative?

Since when is the aligner system available?

The treatment with clear aligners is originally from America and actually very old. In 1945, the orthodontist Kesling used “teeth positioner” to shorten the time of a teeth treatment. In the 90s the “teeth positioner” developed to aligners, similar to the aligners we know today. Since then, the method has been constantly evolving.

Are aligners a good alternative to braces?

Clear aligners have a big audience in the dentistry for a long time now. Around 6 million patients around the world have been treated with the proven system already.

Aligners are therefore a good alternative to braces and especially suitable for adult patients, because the aligners are hardly noticeable. The aligner system is gentler than conventional braces, covers almost all classic indications and looks even more aesthetic compared to braced. Also, the transparent dental splints are more comfortable and more suitable for everyday use.

How does it work?

The first step is to visit the dentist. The dentist takes necessary patient data, looks at the teeth situation and then decides whether aligner is suitable or not.

If this is the case, a preview will be created (3D simulation). The patient and the dentist can see the final result before treatment thanks to the modern 3D simulation.

As soon as the patient approves to the treatment, he gets the necessary aligners and the treatment can begin.


Almost all malocclusions (about 70%) can be treated with the dental splint. Therefore, the aligner system is a modern and innovative alternative to conventional braces.

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